Thursday, May 1, 2008

"i'm going a million miles an hour."

ahh, my boss's favorite thing to say! very true though...
we have a bunch of things going on right now on the "front" end [as in lots to do for myself, our other designer and my boss]. lots of bids, quotes, designs, clients...ahhh so much.

i thought i'd just leave you with a few things today:

i'm placing an order today for 3 workstations for a company in Erie. i'm really excited about these stations because we are going to be doing some things we haven't really done before in Erie. Below is a drawing and a picture of the look we are going for:

basically, we're doing some awesome add-up glass panels, silver/metal trim, and some awesome panel fabrics. i'm really excited to see this one to completion. i'll post pics of it when it's done [stay's going to be at least 4-5 weeks].

Second, i've been researching outdoor furniture for a project for a college and i came across this awesome piece from EmuAmericas. i'm going to get one of these...put it right next to my gorgeous in-ground pool.

a few months ago i posted on my other blog about some pens i had fallen in love with. yeah, that's right, in love with pens. if you try these pens, you will see why. anyway, the pen is a Uni-Ball Signo pen, Micro 207, .5mm pen.
it is seriously awesome, and comes in several different colors! however, my boss's wife recently purchased some NEW and DIFFERENT Signo pens that i've been enjoying. this new one is called the Signo Gelstick and is thicker than the Micro's, but still writes awesome. i tell you, one's work day can be a lot more enjoyable when you have a pen you fancy writing with :).

also, i got my hair chopped yesterday. ok, that's not 100% true, but i did get 2 inches off, and got my eyebrows donnnnne! yayayay! i'd post pics but seeing as i have no friends, i'd have to take a picture of myself, and seeing as i suck at doing's not going to happen.


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips can take pics o yourself just fine! or use your webcam...

awww i totes want one of those by my pool!....oh wait...i don't have a pool...or money to buy one...:(

ooOOOoOO! Totes cute workstations! and i pretty much love glass in anything...except maybe an earthquake....

is that the pen like the orange one mike gave you???