Saturday, May 24, 2008


the days until NEOCON in Chicago are winding down...and preparations are being made! one preparation on my end was the purchase of this new camera. it wasn't just for Neocon, of course, also for my personal enjoyment and ability to take great pictures of my new found cupcake-making joy...

here are some samples i took after i bought it:

other preparations for Chicago include hotel & flight reservations and RSVP'ing to lots of's what our schedule looks like so far:

  • EARLY morning departure from Erie, layover somewhere, arrive in Chicago b/w 900am-10am
  • Get settled, do some sight seeing, hopefully napping, having an awesome lunch somewhere, and getting ready for
  • Knoll Dealers private showroom tour [my guess is this is a 430pm start time]
  • Versteel cocktail party [in some hotel penthouse!] 530pm-700pm
  • SPEC party - 700pm-900pm
  • Knoll Dealer breakfast [ugh, like 730am]
  • 1100am Showroom tours w/ our KMA Reps
  • Wander the Merchandise Mart
  • Loewenstein cocktail party - 330pm [giving away iphones and nano's!]
  • OFS / First Office / Carolina Showroom Grand Opening / cocktail party - 400pm
  • Versteel cocktail party [yeah, another one...] - 400pm
  • Sit On It cocktail party - 430pm @ Fulton's On the River
  • Office Specialty cocktail party - 500pm [giving away macbook air's!]
  • Nice dinner somewhere and hopefully hanging out with more of the KMA Reps
  • leave. at some point. get home around 300pm.

...lots of fun! i'm so excited :)