Tuesday, May 13, 2008

poll time!

i know i'm going to be making some cupcakes for saturday night...but i'm not sure what to make! i want to do something i haven't done before [because it's no fun to document something i've already done...]

so here are a few options:

cookie dough cupcakes
kc found these at Big Red Kitchen. they look REALLY good, but i don't know if i want to go through the hassle of making the cookie dough. plus, cookie dough isn't my specialty...

chocolate-mint cupcakes
kc found these at chockylit. if i do these, however, i'm probably going to end up filling them differently...i don't know if i can do the complexity that seems to be in these.

strawberry cupcakes
kc found these from Martha Stewart. there's no icing recipe, but i'm sure i could come up with something good for this...

Meyer Raspberry Lemon Cupcakes
i found this at Martha Stewart also. these look really good to me....mmmm. and i'm sure there could be a surprise put in the center...

other options are to do the raspberry filled ones again, but do them with chocolate cake instead of the white, or do the Hot Cocoa Cupcakes with some sort of injection in them as well....

anyway, i'm going to put all these into a poll that will end Friday, and possibly, i will make the cupcakes that win [hah, i might find something i'm too set on and change my mind...]

so...help me decide! thanks :)


Staci :-) said... Best Blogger Tips

i vote none this weekend . . . june 14th weekend sounds good . . . to make ALL OF THEM!! :-)

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

haha KC found LOTS!! hahah...i was too distracted......

I guess I should vote since I'll be one of the peeps eating them!!!

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

THE STRAWBERRY ONES LOOK AMAZING! as well as the choco mints

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You...are killing me.

Can I have one of each? I'm very interested in the cookie dough and strawberry ones. No. The raspberry lemon. No. Ahh! Don't make me choose!!

Melissa said... Best Blogger Tips

I vote for the Meyer Lemon - that looks tasty!

Michelle & the City said... Best Blogger Tips

looks like i am outnumbered here but personally i want to try the chocolate chip cookie dough ones!! YUM :)

addy said... Best Blogger Tips

Oooohhhh... just found your blog, and I love this poll. The raspberry lemon ones look sooo awesome to me.

Jamie Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

ohhh the strawberry ones sound and look amazing!

MikeyJ said... Best Blogger Tips