Friday, May 2, 2008


meta cafe tonight! [8-12 @ Grace Church - 7300 Grubb Road / McKean, PA]

a certain special someone's birthday is sunday, who lives in a certain placed called Pittsburgh, and i'm trying to convince another certain someone that it would be a good idea to drive down there for his that's my only plan for the weekend as of right now.

that's all i have time to post for now, maybe i'll post more while at the event :) [taking advantage of the free wi-fi!]

anyone have any good weekend plans??


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

ohhhh mannnn....I gatta be careful that a certain someone doesn't read your blog today!...I guess he won't find out as long as you don't put it on your google calender...ohhh snap burnnnnn...lets have a jam off! hee hee

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips didn't ruin the surprise....but Oh mY Josh almost diddddd hahahahhahahah oh you two are perfect together ahhahahah