Sunday, May 18, 2008


[spring photos from my aunt & uncle's yard]

saturday my sister and i planned on taking my mum "flower shopping" for her mother's day gift. somehow it ended up being a whole family outing with my dad as well. we piled in my dad's new Nissan Murano [despite the large TV in the trunk], and set out on our way. i'm glad that even though we may fight and get on each other's always ends up in laughter.

i made the Cookie Dough Cupcakes thanks to Big Red Kitchen's recipe/idea. i was going to make the cookie dough, but i opted for some pre-made dough. rach helped me make them, and we were in quite a hurry, so we had to cool the cuppies in the freezer while we made the frosting. i used the frosting recipe also suggested at Big Red Kitchen. personally, it all turned out amazing. [plus, the mocha cupcakes that are suggested with that frosting look like a great one to try...]

rach said that i should start blogging about all the weight i gain from all the cuppies i make. can't say i've noticed any additional weight gain...but it did inspire me to try to do some sort of "healthy" cupcake. i'm not really sure what to do here. some ideas include:
  • using applesauce instead of oil
  • zucchini, banana or carrot cupcakes [doesn't necessarily mean could be...]
ok, so those are my only ideas really. anyone have any other suggestions??


Robin Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

Yeah- your cupcakes look fantastic! I am happy you tried them and liked them. Beautiful blog by the way.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

ooohhhhh my tycho sniffing a cuppycake!!!

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

Yummm the cuppiecakes were totes awesome....I tried to be good and only have one (and a bite of KC's)....but I want another one RIGHT NOW! hee hee

freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

Cookie dough cupcakes! Ahhh!

Michelle & the City said... Best Blogger Tips

my suggestion? send me those cuppycakes, i'll eat them ALL

hahaha :)