Wednesday, May 7, 2008

PostSecret Blog!

at our youth retreat in April, Diane used some PostSecret material relating to her topic. it's pretty interesting the things people send in. i was excited to see that PostSecret is on blogger - totes easier way to check out some of the crazy things that people send in. some...are very disturbing and sad. others are kinda funny. these are some of my favorites:

[this is funny]

[this is beautiful...]

in other interesting "news"...i'm staying at my aunt & uncles for a few days. that's always fun...much closer to work and church...pretty much everything that i do, really. also, i was super excited to see some of these in the fridge:

i found a whole bunch of yummy english chocolates at brings back those great memories of being in the Cadbury awesome. Cadbury is pretty much awesome, and they own Trident?! that's nuts. i had no clue!! they also have Green & Black - organic chocolate - and Halls! who knew.


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

mmmmm cadburys :):)

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

oh there is totes a chocolate store (Mon Amie) in The Strip District that imports chocolates and they have a TON of Cadbury's stuff...we'll go next time your down where...(it's kinda near the cuppycake store, Dozen)