Friday, May 23, 2008

weekend preparations!

kc suggested S'Mores Cupcakes for this weekend...

found at sewdarncute, and they are. i like the chocolate cake idea and the marshmallow cream frosting.

these were found at cupcakeblog. i really like the idea of the graham cracker bottom.

i think we're going to go with a combination of the two, plus some added fun.
  • graham cracker crust
  • chocolate cake
  • either melted hershey's chocolate injected inside or hershey's chocolate chunks in the batter
  • marshmallow frosting
  • graham cracker crumbs & chocolate chunk topping 
other idea would be chocolate frosting and toasted marshmallow on top! i can't decide...........

[make sure you vote for the cuppie idea you like best!!]


Michelle & the City said... Best Blogger Tips

YUM! those seriously look to.die.for.

rsnow113 said... Best Blogger Tips

i just heard a little rumor about these...i vote for chocolatey goodness inside! yumm!! :)

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said... Best Blogger Tips

These look soooo cute and yum-o. I love cupcakes.