Friday, May 9, 2008

mummy's day!

pretty much every year for Mother's Day my mum wants gardening supplies or flowers. now that sissy Rachel has her own house and "garden" she is all into it...much more than i think i'll ever be. anyway, our plans are for the three of us to go somewhere to get the goods next weekend i believe. we also usually have everyone over for lunch after church, also to celebrate my beautiful cousin Bekah's birthday as well as my grandpa's. this year, however, mum refuses to cook, so we are going to the Maennerchor Club in Erie with my mum's cousin and some of their family. they have an amazing brunch there, though i think their website could use some advice from puremotif designs. anyway, to the point of this post: the family is coming over afterwards at some point for desserts...and i am going to make use for the FIRST TIME of my CUPCAKE STAND! i'm so excited. i don't know exactly WHAT i'm going to do yet, but it's definitely going to involve fruit, frosting, sparkly sprinkles, and awesomeness [of course]. i wish i could capture a picture of what i'm envisioning in my head...but seeing as the technology for that has not been created...