Sunday, May 11, 2008

fun find & mother's day

[cupcake pictures and det's coming soon]

i wanted to share this awesome thing i found through a crazy batch of blog-links...

i found the pictures from Apartment Therapy after finding the link to that site from Gizmodo which i found thanks to some sweet blog-sharing from Jenn from freeandflawed. anyway, it's a bookcase within a staircase. it's freakin sweet. [except i can totally imagine myself falling down (and up) this staircase...because, i mean, duh.]

mother's day went well for myself & family. i have a pretty awesome mum who loves me to pieces [and is a good sport when we make fun of her:
  • for watching too many Lifetime movies
  • when she dances like a maniac
  • because she sometimes makes a "rat face"
  • when she doesn't understand computers
  • when she doesn't understand things in general
  • because she likes to say "did i make a funny?"
  • when she actually does make a funny
  • when we look at pictures of her crazy big red hair
the point is - is my mum is amazing. she loves her family more than anything and has sacrificed so much for us. she is a beautiful, Godly woman whom i love & look up to so much.

yay for mummies!


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

mummmy is aaaaaamazing.

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

and she's a good neighbor! :)

I love bookcases organized by color....

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the link love! I love this bookcase. I want it. I don't have enough books to fill it up, but I still want it.

The iNSPiRAL Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

very cute :-)