Wednesday, April 30, 2008

things i'm looking forward to...

  • this bid to be done with [check: due at 10am, sent in at 957am]
  • summmmmer! [or more consistent spring/summer weather...]
  • tonight with josh!
  • days/nights at the beach
  • new Death Cab For Cutie CD [MAY 13!!]
  • Nikkie's housewarming party [also June]
  • getting to see my BFF Alicia [again, June]
  • the ushe [don't know when this will be]
  • Friday - meta café & leaving work early to do my cousin & friend's hair for their formal!
  • softball league!
  • moving out with KRISTEN!!!
  • next pittsburgh trip to see kt & mikey! [and koto and weeze...etc etc]
  • your comments on this post!
what are you looking forward to???


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

i can't contain my love for Jason Mraz (or J'raz as I like to call him)

Wellll my list doubles a few things on your list butttt whatevvvs:

a. nikkie's housewarming partttayy

b. dad to get out of the hospital

c. Michele coming to the Burgh

d. Mikey's b-day (I still haven't bought his gift...but I've know what I'm getting him for like monnnnths)

e. weezy snuggzing when I get home

f. afternoon snack, dinner, night snack, breakfast, second breakfast..oh I look forward to eating in general.

g. the next ushe

h. friday...(it's been a slow week)

i. house hunting! :)

j. getting hitched

k. the end of this list

l. having time to design a new iNSPiRAL myspace

m. our stupie economy boost money

n. my tea to finish heating up

o. going for a walk

p. for you to g-mail chat me and tell me you giggled at something stupie i wrote (hopefully)

okay i think thats enough hee hee

Dave said... Best Blogger Tips

i'm looking forward to hanging out with amy mason!!!

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

mainly just tonight with josh.


Kristen C. said... Best Blogger Tips

Tonight with Josh... he's going to be busy.

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

verrrrrry funny. :)

MikeyJ said... Best Blogger Tips

things I am looking forward to:

a. seeing Price Caspian

b. finding out what a Caspian is

c. how much is one Caspian

d. Pop's in law getting out of the hospital

e. getting a laptop

f. summer, bonfires, camping, outside activities

g.waking up by alarm clock and not via my cat

h. your comment on my comment, telling me that my comment is better than Kt's comment

i. oh yea and getting hitched and stuff

Michelle & the City said... Best Blogger Tips

to summer!
and getting our stimulus checks!! :)