Wednesday, April 23, 2008

oh my gosh!!

i forgot the most exciting news of all! looks like my boss, his wife & i are going to NEOCON again! NeoCon is a Trade Show for Designers, Architects, Furniture Enthusiasts, and anyone else in the industries that fall in between. it's located in Chicago on June 9-11. last time, we left Sunday morning from Erie, drove to Cleveland, and flew from there to Chicago and returned Tuesday. We stayed at the University Club in Chicago, which was awesome. I had my own room, in which my bed was so big i almost had to get a running start and jump to get on top of it. i don't know if we are staying there again, but i don't care, i'm SO EXCITED!!!!!!

i'd post pics from the last trip, but i don't know where they are. this year Knoll is celebrating 70 years in the industry. hopefully this means for an amazing showroom, lots of cool new products and unveiling's, and lots of celebrating... last year [we didn't go], Knoll won "Best of Neocon 2007" which is really neat. Knoll is our main furniture line. they sell contract furniture [panel systems, work stations, private offices] as well as seating, conference furniture and some residential furniture.


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

oh what?!?....I totes missed this post! hahah....but you messed up our party plans with this trip..jkkkkkk...I'm going to schrute buck the heck outttta you when you gooOOooOooOooOOOoo

Hafele America Co. said... Best Blogger Tips

Great news! I just found your blog and hoped you wouldn't mind if we let you know about some events we are hosting during NeoCon perhaps you might stop by? Enjoy the tradeshow!