Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Friday I left work early to get down to Mission Meadows in NY for our annual Senior High Youth Retreat. We had an amazing time talking to the students about relationships & connection [ok, the retreat was called "The Great Sex Weekend"]. We had great times of fellowship, fun, sports, worship and teaching. All in all, it was a great [however exhausting] weekend!

Here are some shots from the weekend:

the camp recently built this new chapel.

exterior view from the new chapel

here the kids are playing "duck, duck, goose" in said chapel.

friday night megan and i ran to our cabin from the gym and rain completely dumped on us. megan also fell, but we didn't realize until i walked over to take this picture with her.

this shot is worship Saturday morning, after my brother-in-law Brian's talk.

this apple was just amazing. i can't even tell you.

and i guess this just sums up my reactions to someone stealing my camera.

we "reserved" a table for sunday morning breakfast for mine & breanne's small group.

here we are eating at it!

the quote book in action.

encouragement letters
[well, these are the envelopes the letters go in...]


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

ummm yea you got soaked and she was bleeding a LOT! yikes!!!!!

haahah and i like your "reaction to someone stealing my camera" shot...hee hee...there should be more of those..