Monday, April 21, 2008

weekend surprises!

my first weekend surprise came Friday afternoon when i found out that the powerpoint i had done for Saturday night service at our church was the WRONG SONGS. that kind of sucked. luckily, it was easy enough to copy and paste the right songs/lyrics into the slides and use the same formatting and pictures as before.

my second weekend surprise came Friday night at about 11:00pm when one of my best friend's [kt] called me to tell me she got ENGAGED!!! [check out her blog for a few more pics and later on, the full story!]. below is her ring and the happy couple the day after the event.

kristen, kt and i celebrated with dinner/appetizers at Plymouth, then champagne and the third "surprise" [if one can call it a surprise]. iNSPiRAL's practice space [aka, Dustin's garage] was turned into a mini show for us! Couches, coffee tables and a great view of the boys. we got to hear their full set and they sounded awesome!!!

maybe the fourth surprise would be the emergence of this little guy...a nasty millipede! kt somehow caught it under this cup, where we left it, and ran to watch the boys.

i guess that is it for surprises. however, i did go to Target and purchase the cupcake carrier and 13-cupcake holder that i wanted. i also did some shopping for a special someone's birthday coming up.

oh, and i got a few more of the "Greeneco" products:


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

aww yay you posted about me! hee hee...

eww that bug was totes gross, i was really surprised that the boys didn't hear us screamingggg

Oh my Josh! said... Best Blogger Tips

ooooo sounds sexy

Michelle & the City said... Best Blogger Tips

awe engagements are so exciting! :)

another person from my graduating class getting engaged before me... sigh. lol