Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a few things

a few weeks ago i re-subscribed to one of my favorite magazines, Real Simple, that had never renewed my subscription for. i looooove that magazine, and seeing that Blueprint is inexistent, Real Simple could take it's place. anyway, to my point! with my Real Simple subscription, i received a small but informative "mini-magazine". in it were 101 different uses for household items [use olive oil for shaving! lemon juice for tough, stuck-on stains!]. another section was about how to "be more awake" in the morning. some of these suggestions include:
  1. limit yourself to one-two cups of coffee. any more than this can cause you to be jittery and unfocused. i ALWAYS have at least two, maybe three cups of coffee in the morning. my new goal is have one or two, then switch immediately to water.
  2. don't leave the house wet - as in, don't come in to work, school, etc. with wet hair. that is a super-obvious sign of being tired. it seems pretty obvious, but i can definitely tell a difference in myself when i come in to work with wet hair instead of dry.
  3. eat your breakfast! again, another obvious one. but what i've heard is to make a point to sit down and eat your breakfast, don't do it on the go. this will help you to feel more full and make it really sink in that you DID eat breakfast. proteins, carbs and a little fat is suggested to really tie you over. i'm starting my day today with a cup of coffee, oatmeal [cinnamon roll flavored of course] and a banana.
i don't have the mini-mag with me, so i can't give anything more than what i remember...which is what i gave.

i have to go up to Target again tonight cause my CUPCAKE CARRIER is cracked! ugh. irritated.

i got these from Old Navy yesterday. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. bought them for the pattern only of course. they even had soap dispensers and candles with said pattern.

also, check out this AWESOMELY AMAZING wrapping paper from Hallmark, for their (PRODUCT) RED collection. anything you buy through the (PRODUCT) RED collection benefits those with AIDS living in Africa.