Wednesday, March 23, 2011

amazing lemon + rosemary risotto

okay, i don't really have a recipe or very good pictures - after i plated my dinner and tasted i was too hungry for this deliciousness that i had to just eat it rather then attempting to find my camera.

this recipe is from my risotto book that i bought on clearance for $5 several years ago.

for some reason i've always been afraid to try lemon in savory dishes. i've always been hesitant to use it with chicken and usually didn't add it as a finishing touch on recipes that called for it. after i finally tried lemon in my chicken - i was hooked. so i knew this risotto was probably going to be quite amazing.

it's a pretty basic risotto recipe - onions sauteed in butter and oil (with some rosemary), add your rice, then your hot stock gradually until it forms the correct consistency and finishing off with a little more butter and parm cheese. the only difference is alternating adding lemon juice with the chicken stock. i probably used a total of a few tablespoons in my risotto, and i only used 1/3 cup of rice because i was making this for myself. anyway. amazing!

asparagus was cooked first (though i threw it back in the pan after the chicken was done cooking) - stove top with butter, S+P and a clove of garlic, smashed (but not chopped). chicken was cooked in the same pan (separately) with a little splash of lemon juice and some rosemary.