Wednesday, March 16, 2011

homemade burger buns

the other day i made another batch of homemade burger buns in hopes to get something as awesome as these brioche buns, but without all the calories. from what i could tell, the brioche buns were almost 250 calories per serving.

i didn't have any milk in the house so i was limited on what i could make, but i found this recipe from i'm not quite sure of the calories, but when i researched after making them, i found they they probably are around the same amount of calories as the brioche, fail on that part.

these buns were pretty tasty - i ended up eating one with just butter because i was dying to try them, and they are yummy! they were easy to make (didn't require including water in a pan in the oven for steaming). they were a little sweet, but we ate them with Rachael Ray Turkey Sloppy Joes (another post) which were perfect together!

one thing i love about making buns is that they seem to freeze pretty great, so we can eat burgers or sloppy joes without serious planning by pulling them out of the freezer (they defrost within an hour - less if you toast them).



Alisun said... Best Blogger Tips

whoa! these look awesome!!!!!