Friday, March 25, 2011

fabric friday: 3-25-11: a whole hella vinyls

don't have time for anything crazy today - i have several deadlines and meetings plus i'm out of town for work (going to Jasper, Indiana) on Monday and Tuesday. and i couldn't do this post yesterday because i was spending all my creative juices redoing the blog and posting yesterday night.

here's what i've been working on: vinyls for a healthcare project!

we have a huge workstation right next to mine that is vacant other than spreading out fabrics, carpets, paints and finishes. AJ says - "this is where the magic happens." it's nice to be able to leave it out, come back and revise it whenever, without it taking up space on my desk or any common space we all use.

anyway, happy friday, people! i have a birthday filled weekend with awesome plans tonight with Kristen and Staci, possible plans tomorrow with Katie, definite plans tomorrow with my sister and dinner with Josh and plans with the family on Sunday. also, i'm making this cake on Sunday for my birthday. can't wait!

have a great weekend! anyone else have awesome plans?


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

yay for tonight! but umm . . you shouldn't be making your own cake for your birthday.