Thursday, March 24, 2011

CSN Store Review

so, i'd say it's about time i do a review of the products i received courtesy of CSN Stores! back in January i was asked if i wanted to do a review of CSN and of course i said yes!

i had a hard time deciding what i was going to spend my $35 gift card on - something for myself (shoes, purse...) or something for the house (wall art, rug, sheets...) or something for the kitchen (rachael ray goodies, kitchen gadgets, etc). i had my sights set on this cute pair of boots, but unfortunately they are out of stock and have been for several months. in fear of forgetting about my gift card and it expiring (3/31) while waiting for the boots to become available, i decided to look for something else to get.

back in December i broke my french press coffee pot, so i realized this was the perfect opportunity to get a new one! the cost was under $30 so i was able to get a Rachael Ray gadget and shipping all for under $35!

new bodum french press. love it!

i haven't been able to use the french press yet - it needs course ground coffee, which i don't have, or it can clog up the filter - so i'm waiting to get some of that. but, until then, i get to look at how fun it is sitting on my counter!

i also got this veggie peeler. used it tonight - it's great! (i figured it would be - i love all of my Rachael Ray kitchen goodies).

all in all the experience was mostly pleasant, other than the items i first wanted being out of stock or unavailable. the french press came within two or three days of ordering whereas the kitchen gadget took more time (it came from California). thanks, CSN Stores! definitely will keep them in mind for future purchases!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

My gift card expires on March 31 too! Eek! I'm thinking about a knife or a pooper scooper (hahah).