Thursday, March 24, 2011

new software program

a few days ago we received a demo version of a new software add-on put out by 20-20 Technologies called Visual Impressions. i've been using the office products software - CAP Designer (for AutoCAD) and CAP Worksheet (spec + pricing software) for about six years now, so this is a very neat program that isn't hard to learn as it is more of a platform for Worksheet.

here are some of the things i've been working on!

private office


conference room

reception station

i love how you can add accessories like notebooks, pens and water bottles (not to mention plants, paintings, phones, books, computers...), but those need to be added in AutoCAD first and then they flip over into VI. doors, windows and ceiling fixtures are added in Visual Impressions as well as change the ceiling height, wall colors and dimensions and flooring. right now i can't change my room from a rectangle, but i've heard that could change. i'm excited to see what this product can do! plus it's so quick and easy to use, we could now do renderings for every job.