Monday, June 13, 2011

weekend update

As always the weekend went by too fast and here we are at another work week. Weekends should always be three-day-weekends. Minimum.

I started out early, leaving work at noon on Friday. Former roomie KC joined me at the townhouse where we chatted about the cable box, Josh's video rocker, our TV stand and other random things that only (late) twenty-somethings like us would discuss. But really. LATE twenty-somethings!? When did this happen???!!!!!!


We decided to try one of those we-only-serve-lunch-close-early places to eat and settled on Gerry's Deli on 8th Street in the Colony Plaza. We were first intrigued by their fun website (I really like that logo/banner on the site!) and secondly by their "CHICKA BOOM BOOM" wrap with chicken, shredded lettuce, tomato, avocado, baked beans, cheese and sour cream. (Okay, I was intrigued by this. So much so that it is what I ordered). Anyway, the food was very good - the above wrap?! AMAZING. Except I'm 99% sure mine didn't have avocado, and if it did, it probably would have been even THAT more amazing. I might have to make this at home. I ordered the potato salad as a side, and even that was amazing. You can pick up food to go or even just deli meats or ox roast (good 'ole Erie ox roast).

After lunch we stopped next door at Dolce Gelato where KC bought me some gelato because I didn't have any cash. Yum. Chocolate Hazelnut and Cheesecake. Amazing combination.

We decided to try a thrift store with the rest of our afternoon and stopped at the City Mission Thrifty Shopper on West 8th & Pittsburgh. We both wanted to own a piece of clothing from a thrift store so we could say "thrifted!" It was the word of the day. More on these adventures in a later post.

So, that was Friday. Only Friday! It was great catching up with Kristen and we had a super fun time! I'm bummed I didn't take any pictures of our adventures, even on my phone would have been good. Oh well. Sometimes you're just enjoying the moments so much, you forget to capture them!!

The rest of my weekend was spent lazing around, making pizza (see post tomorrow), painting chairs, and playing video games with my hubby. After a long work week, all I ever want to do on the weekends is just lounge with Josh! I had hoped for some nice weather to get to the Peninsula, but Mother Nature was not in the summer mood this weekend and it was pretty low, cloudy temps the whole time.

Well. Thanks for sticking through to the end. Hope you all had glorious weekends and a great week to come!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

I love that you blogged about our topics of conversation! Ha!

Yay! Thrifted! You got some rocking deals. I think we def. need to do it more often. We will become experts.

YAY! Glad we finally got to see each other. It's been forever!