Monday, June 6, 2011

fries on the grill

i love this recipe for baked oven fries from Annie's Eats, but i had no desire to heat up the place by turning the oven on the other night, so i thought grilling the "fries" would be just as good.

i started by covering my grill so i wouldn't have any fries jump ship into flames below. however i made SO MANY they were spreading everywhere and the best fries ended up being done on the far left side that was open. in the end, only one fry (and one zucchini stick) fell below deck.

the fries were scrubbed, skin on, cut, tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and a "season-all" seasoning. they were on the grill for about 15 minutes, 1/2 the time with the lid on, 1/2 with the lid off while i rearranged them.

though they weren't extremely crispy, they were delicious. i suggest you try the oven recipe on a cool day; if you follow the instructions exactly you WILL get crispy fries!! also, that cheeseburger over there was pretty good too. mmmm cheeseburgers.

hope you all had some fun grilling times this weekend!


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Jealous. I guess I should buy a grill soon.

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