Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spiked Orange Creamsicle Smoothies

Last weekend on Twitter I mentioned that spiked orange creamsicle slushies were on our menu for that evening. It all started with Josh's request for the above vodka - whipped cream flavored. (see me in the reflection taking the picture? what a nerd i am)

Although the original creamsicle recipe only included crushed ice, Orange Crush pop and the whipped cream flavored vodka, we have since perfected it.

These were so amazingly delicious. The replacement of (triple) vanilla ice cream for the crushed ice made them go down WAY too easy.

Also, I didn't realize we had these fun glasses to put them in.

A fresh fruit or mint garnish would have been nice, but they didn't last long enough for either of us to really care (I'm sure Josh would have drank it from the blender cup). I don't really have any measurements for this - I did a few scoops of ice cream per person, 1 "shot" of the vodka and enough orange pop to give it a good consistency (helpful, huh?). I also added another splash of the orange pop at the end to make it easier to drink from the glass instead of eat with a spoon.


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They look so yummy and pretty!!

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Is that vanilla ice cream? I would like one, please!

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