Thursday, June 2, 2011

fun find: block bedding

i saw this bedding originally on Apartment Therapy's post on designers working with bold colors. i love this bedding, so i had to check out the other colorways and fun things they had.

bedding is available from Hay products and was designed by Sholten and Baijings. looks like it's available in Denmark...wonder how it works in the States? 499,00 DKK is actually around 100 dollars (so Google told me) which isn't THAT intense...though i can't really tell what is included (pillow covers and duvet cover?).

i think this red one is my favorite. i love the overall simplicity of this room as well.


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heather @ mrs. southern bride said... Best Blogger Tips

oh! love the red one. very simple and clean looking.

Alfred said... Best Blogger Tips
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