Thursday, May 26, 2011

WANT: Moleskine Recipe Journal

Moleskine Recipe Journal. Image and info here.

so, i've seen these on two blogs now, and i want. first, it was Monday of last week on Sprinkle Bakes and then it was two days later on We Are Not Martha (um, where they got to meet Kelly Ripa!).

i know you can get them online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but i really want to check it out in person. my hope is to check out B&N this weekend to see if i can find it. any one have one? what are your thoughts? right now i keep any recipe alterations (when i make different serving sizes) or created recipes in just a boring notebook.

also this weekend, my goal is to paint two of our six dining chairs in red. my hope is to get a feel of the process, how long it takes and see the end result in red (mostly to confirm that i in fact want to paint the other four that way). seeing as we really only use four at a time, i have no problem with two being a different color, if in fact they don't turn out how i am picturing. so, i hope to have more pics and fun things on that.

happy Thursday, people! one day closer to the weekend...


Meghan @ My Wishful Thinking said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, now I want a moleskin recipe journal too! (Never seen one before now)!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

why aren't you doing chairs orange to match all your orange kitchen stuff?!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

why aren't you doing the chairs orange to match all your other orange kitchen stuff??

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

1) Moleskin in the kitchen? Is that sanitary?
2) What type of paint are you using?

Meri said... Best Blogger Tips

I have never seen these- I want to check them out too!
Can't wait to see the chairs, too!

Danny Lucas said... Best Blogger Tips

Actually, you are pretty up-to-date if you know about Moleskins. (Look up the pronunciation folks).

The recipe one has been on YouTube and comments there may help you. Here's the link:

Moleskin has better paper, but it is an incredibly expensive way to record info.
[My recommendation is at the end of comment.].

First, as Christian women, friends, and all your guys, you should look at "Blogging Theologically".
Aaron Armstrong reads book (Christian) voraciously and reviews them in a way folks can understand.

Google his blog, and go to ARCHIVES.
Look for January as he started Jan. 7, 2011 with a Memory Moleskin, to memorize the Book of Philippians from Jan. to Easter. He records his success and failure in his Moleskin doing that, and you can read all of it at your leisure.
You may want to emulate what he did.
Aaron is Canadian and across the lake from us.

Far better is Ann VosKamp, and her blog,
"A Holy Experience". ALL of you should subscribe to this blog in your Favorites or Bookmarks.
Few women will bring you closer to God.

Ann did a memory Moleskin on the Book of Colossians recently. Her emails come to subscribers 7 days a week, and she is the best read you gals will find. Check her Moleskin in Archives from a round Jan. 2011 or so.

Last, skip the Food Moleskin and begin to record on your laptop. Your laptop camera can capture the recipe as you make it, folders can be created in your laptop to record Appetizer, dessert, whatever you make.

Correction (like add more sage, or cut back curry) can be recorded with your FACE on your laptop as updates, and stored accordingly.

Your children will one day watch the laptop and see parents growing, aging, and what parts of the recipes you liked best. It would be an awesome heirloom to your descendents.

Forgive my typos; this was a rush comment.

Plan ahead for your children and grandchildren now, using laptop, not Moleskin.
They will love you forever.
Imagine how awesome they will feel having decades of recipes being made, and stored on your laptop.
Bonus? Ask dad to show his face occasionally and say what he thought of the latest creation of food.

This will feed your future children and heirs, your favorite foods, and feed their souls the Bread of Life for the love put into your effort.

And subscribe to the two blogs above.
You will thank yourself for both of them.

Best regards,
Danny Lucas