Friday, May 20, 2011

fabric friday: 05-20-11: fun drying mats

so i've been on the hunt for a REALLY REALLY small sink dish drainer ever since we found out the fun one we got from our shower was way too big. turns out our sink is too good for normal-sized strainers and is not quite a square, causing it not allow anything larger than 11X11 to fit inside.

because we have a dishwasher, we don't wash dishes THAT often, but you've got your knives, metal bowls, cutting boards, utensils etc that are used almost daily and can't be thrown in the dishwasher. we also run our DW maybe every 4 days (max), so certain things need hand washing.

i've gotten into the habit of using a dishtowel on the counter to set everything on, but i don't really like it. it gets super wet, takes up counter space and isn't that great looking.

while discussing other options with kc, i did a search for fabric patterned dish drying mats.

i found these fun ones on etsy:

 images/mats from etsy: sistersofthewildwest

i think i love them. such fun patterns! free shipping plus machine washable. and maybe i could customize my fabric? not sure if Josh will okay another item to go on the kitchen counter...but we'll see. anyone see anything [fun] like this at any stores?


Danny Lucas said... Best Blogger Tips

There is only one of these left at etsy and it costs $25. That is also for a chunk of cloth 16" X 18".....about the size of orange rags used in any manufacturing plant in town to wipe grease.
I think the LARGE size Kleenex is bigger.

Realistically, Josh should hit the roof at the expense.
You can counter (pun intended) his response by telling him the best kept secret in the Bible.

It is the duty of MEN to do dishes!
We have faked the women for about 5,000 years, give or take a thousand.

Listen up!

"I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down."
~~~2 Kings 21:13 King James Version

I can't stand to use the dishwasher and wanted to rip it out. My realtor cautioned me that it would lower the value of the place, so I let it live.
She also told me that since I never use it, make sure to run it once a month or more to maintain the seal, and extend its life.
So I feed it some plates and Cascade every now and then.

I bought three huge bath towels that match the color of the kitchen. Go to Bed, Bath, and look in Beyond.
They fit under the sink with a huge dish rack, like your wedding gift, though likely larger.

The towel is double folded and lets glasses or anything safely rest, when I get around to that dreaded chore.
When God is done drying my dishes, I put the towel in the laundry and get another under the sink/dish rack as needed.

I can let the laundry sit longer and avoid that chore, by using all three before cleanup and re-stack.

And three thick towels are less than $25.

Try to keep the Bible thing a secret, except to Josh.
No one spots that line in 2 Kings, and later versions from the original manuscripts have been altered, to protect men forever.
Look at your version and "man" is removed, and replaced with "one". But God's intent was clear in the original....including directions to turn the plate over and do both sides.

Men are not good with directions either, so God put them in there to be sure we get it. Giving directions on procedure is a reinforcement, and dead giveaway, to His command for MEN to do the dishes, but over the years, women have been snookered as we watch the TV (now Internet) while the kitchen labor goes to the gals.

Save huge dollars on your gas bill by lowering your hot water tank to "WARM", instead of "HOT".
It costs a fortune to keep that water piping hot and use it once every four days.
[This assumes you guys are not taking long, long showers. If so, split the difference between "Hot" and "WARM" on the tank, and check your next utility bill.]

You might want to mention this to Josh after a decent dessert. Tell NO ONE ELSE!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

The Christmas Tree Shop near Old Navy has microfiber(I think) dishwashing mats that are awesome. My mom has one and has bought them as gifts coz she likes it so much. Its not too big, but big enough for what you're looking far. Not sure on the colors available, but hers is just light tan. Everything in that store is cheap, so I would be surprised if it was more than $10.