Friday, May 27, 2011

grilled chicken + sweet potatoes

this was our dinner the other night. sweet potatoes grilled in foil packets (my new favorite thing) with butter, cinnamon, salt, pepper and a sprinkling of sugar. chicken was grilled pretty simple with salt, pepper and some pre-made seasoning combination.

the corn on the cob was on sale - 5 for $2 - so i threw that in the meal plan when i saw that price. mmm love corn on the cob. this was pretty good stuff, sweet and tasty - boiled w/ salt and served with the staple - butter, salt and pepper.

i made this the other night and finished grilling 20-some minutes before a major downpour. that turned into the first of two nights of tornado warnings. the weather's been nuts here, but we're looking forward to better temps and clearer skies this weekend!


Alfred said... Best Blogger Tips
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*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

I might buy a grill soon. I just don't want a large one - but all the smaller onces are cheaply made.

Also - why didn't you grill the corn? If they don't have to husks on them, run them under water and wrap in foil. If they do have the husks on, you need to soak the entire corn in water for an hour or something. I love grilled corn. I just picked up some corn on the cob - 8 for $2 at Giant Eagle this week.