Friday, May 20, 2011

banana cupcakes with browned butter cream cheese frosting

i swear i only made these because i had a banana that had gone bad and i will not waste things. especially when you can make said things into deliciousness such as this.

cupcake recipe from Food Network: The Neelys. browned butter cream cheese frosting recipe originally from Big Red Kitchen. the cupcakes were AMAZING. they had sour cream (interesting addition) and were super moist and delicious. i used shortening instead of butter so i could save that for the frosting. and of course i made my alterations - only had one banana so the whole recipe was halved and the cream cheese recipe was made up as i went to accommodate for the 8 cuppies. (about 2 T butter, browned; 2 T butter softened; 2 T cream cheese; probs about a cup of powdered sugar and a few drops of milk to keep a good consistency.)

turns out the cupcakes were a little warm still...turns out that is a great thing.

i'm only sorry i could only make 8 cupcakes and that i'm going to eat them all and no one else will know the greatness that is these cupcakes!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

You know what I'm going to say about these...

Bananas = Bleck!

They look pretty though. I will have to make that frosting at some point also.

Alfred said... Best Blogger Tips

Great recipe. I will make these on Sunday for my friends. If you like've got to try Yonanas. Check it out here:

dulci said... Best Blogger Tips