Friday, May 6, 2011

chicken enchiladas

for Cinco de Mayo i thought it'd be fun to have some Mexican themed food, so i hopped over to Annie's Eats and made this chicken enchilada recipe.

i followed the recipe pretty strictly other than halving it, using way less chili powder and cumin (we're not big on super spicy), used more tomato sauce and did not use cilantro (don't like it). so...pretty much didn't really follow it...


meet my friends - from back to front - Monterey Jack and Sharp Vermont White Cheddar. yeah, i didn't half that part of the recipe...(also, can we talk about how much better pics come out when in natural light?? ugh)

delicious goodness. oh, i also used way more chicken than i i ended up with a lot more enchi's than originally planned. luckily my sis and her hubs were willing to eat the remaining three as i knew i wouldn't get a chance!

i should have taken a picture of Josh's plate, where i only sprinkled some fresh cut tomatoes on the top. it looked a lot prettier than my delicious slop.

this recipe was super good and i will definitely make it again - probably for the SKANK's because they are much bigger fans of Mexican food than my American-style-food-lovin hubby.


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay! I can't wait! So these are different from your ushe yummy enchiladas?!

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

@*Stace* yes! these have homemade sauce. the others i always just used the can. honestly, they taste similar - not sure if that is good or bad - but i guess making it taste the same as the can, but doing it myself, knowing what goes in it and controlling all that is a good thing, right??

Meri said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks delicious! The sauce looks so good.

Alfred said... Best Blogger Tips

You knocked it out of the park with this recipe Ms. Grace. You're going to make a little tubby out of me before long. Be careful with these delicious dishes because you don't want your hubby to go wide-body on you. I love your blog.