Tuesday, May 17, 2011

chocolate lava cakes (for two!)

if my husband asks me, "are you making (carmelitas, brownies, cookies, cake, cupcakes, s'mores bars, etc) tonight?" i'm in no way the kind of person to say, "not a chance, i'm fat and need to go on a diet."

i always say, "let me see what i can make." and search for yummy things i can make with what's in the cupboard. so yes, this is part of the reason why i've gained 15 pounds since being married.

i found this awesome recipe on Budget Bytes after searching "chocolate cake for two." i've made a similar recipe before which involved lots of (Godiva) chocolate, heavy cream, rolling said chocolate and cream into balls, chilling them, making the batter, combining the two, baking and devouring. though those lava cakes were scrumptious - this cake was just as amazingly delicious and SO MUCH EASIER. also, way cheaper - because you can use chocolate chips (which most people have on hand) and all the other ingredients are basic staples as well (flour, eggs, white sugar and butter).

yes this cake has lots of butter. yes it has an ooey gooey delightful center (when pulled out before the center sets). check out the recipe here at Budget Bytes and browse her site. she has a lot of great ideas for tight budgets and lists the cost per serving/meal as well (pretty cool).


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

You've gained 15 pounds since getting married???!!! Good for you and keep up the good work. Just make sure you get your husband fattened up too so you can both enjoy the ride to obesity and big people clothes. Besides, a thick couple is a happy couple. I am a tubby tubby two by four myself and wouldn't have it any other way because of my love for food. We all have to die from something and that strawberry dish looks good enough to die for. Keep those recipes coming.

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... Best Blogger Tips

Mmm! I love the way you presented them with the strawberries and the pretty plates. You have a great eye for foodie pics! :) This looks great. My husband doesn't eat chocolate. So I am forced to consume BOTH of these if I make them.

Life is hard...

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

@Hannah {Culture Connoisseur}
I love Amy's foodie presentations. She's got her food mojo in check. BTW? Have you added any poundage lately? For your sake and mine, I hope so. I love big gals who love to eat. That's what it's all about.

amy grace said... Best Blogger Tips

@Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} hannah - too bad about hubby not eating chocolate! josh said he wasn't really a "dessert" guy...but i think i've turned him into one!!