Wednesday, March 4, 2009


here's some things i did this past weekend...

became a penn stater for the night.
went with the roomie to a basketball game with Behrend alumni.

almost got in another car accident.
some stupid person blew off a stop sign. luckily, kristen's fast thinking and my force field [i put my hands out to physically stop the car] prevented us from hitting the guy.

became a pots and pans professional photographer.
kristen was the model. she was given new stainless steel pots & pans for her birthday! yay!

hung out with some of my favorites.
kristen, staci and i went to dinner & out [stayed out past midnight!!] on Saturday to celebrate kristen's birthday.

sang at church.
and messed up on a song. it's ok...i don't think anyone noticed, but i started the bridge way too early! and i couldn't sing "perplexed." it came out like..."perflexpsed."

had thanksgiving dinner in march.
josh and i celebrated his brother jer's birthday at his house on Sunday. jer's girlfriend cooked an amazing dinner for us all. we spent most of our time entertaining their son, Miah.

well, there's my weekend wrap up. maybe some day i'll have more interesting things to post about. :)


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

Out of the six things listed, I was part of 4! Yea, I guess I am that cool.

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

cuteness :)

i can see you used your fun flash - its amazing what a difference it makes in the pics :)