Monday, March 30, 2009

birthday celebrations!

birthday celebrations!

at Hibachi. pics courtesy of Stace, cause both rach & i didn't bring our cameras :(

my birthday was pretty great. my parents, sister & her husband, cousin Bekah, roomie KC, Stace & her hubs Shane & Josh all went to Hibachi. we went back to our apartment for cuppies, and mike & kt joined us via GMail video-chat. here's some pics...

awesome things i got:
a cupcake ceramic tray, cupcake shaped lip glosses and a CHOCOLATE AND BACON bar from my aunt...weird, i know, but if you knew the story...[and my aunt :)]
chocolate from Stace & Shane
Twilight director's notebook, lip gloss & stripey Old Navy pants from Rach & Bri
the complete BBC Masterpiece theater DVD series of Jane Austen books from Mum & Dad
herb garden, flowers & fun purse from Roomie
flowers & a ONE HOUR MASSAGE & 15 MIN REFLEXOLOGY from JOSH!!! eeek [no, not by him though :)] (and he wants to help me with buying a new CD player for my car!!)
money & the BEST CARD EVER from my cousin & aunt

i am highly please when people superimpose Edward and I together...

all in all it was a great birthday and i was so lucky to be able to spend it with the people i did! i'm also excited for celebrating with ALICIA in FLORIDA in FOUR DAYS :)


Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

Glad I could attend, I should send you the pic we took onour end of the party hee hee....