Wednesday, March 25, 2009

5 days of 5 / Day 3

5 days of 5
i have 5 days before my 25th birthday. i thought i would dedicate each day on my blog to a list of 5 things. this will be a different list each day. each list is going to incorporate things that have shaped me or had an impact in my 25 years.

today i'm going to write about 5 things you may not know about me.

  1. i was born in England. so was my sister. i lived there for 1 1/2 years before we moved to Erie. despite this and living with a Liverpudlian father for 25 years, i cannot do an English accent to save my life.

  2. i still have both sets of grandparents. my dad's parents live in an assisted living home in Wales. i've seen them for several weeks 4 or 5 times in my life. my mum's parents live in Erie. i don't see them as much as i should.

  3. i have been in 5 weddings. at the end of this year it will be 7. at the end of my life i have the possibility of 10+ weddings. i was first a flower girl in my mum's cousin's, was a bridesmaid in Martina's in 2003, Bethany's in 2004, maid of honor in my sister's in 2004, bridesmaid in Staci's in 2007 and will be a bridesmaid in Katie & Nikkie's this year.

  4. parts of me long for a bigger city and a "bigger" with more structure, more employees, more opportunity for moving up, bigger clients...pretty much a complete one-eighty to what my life is like now.
  5. i am a Christian. if you don't know this, it's probably because i don't talk much about this aspect of my life on my blog. hopefully if you know me well, or even a little, you know this. by Christian i mean:
    • i love Jesus.
    • i love my church.
    • i love the Bible.
    • i love leading worship.
    • i love working with kids and teaching them about Jesus and how much God loves us.
    • i believe God's love for us is unfathomable.
    • i believe the Holy Spirit is real and active.
    • i believe exciting things are happening in my life because of Him.

i need to scan in other pictures to fulfill this may not happen any time soon...


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

i love this post :)

jendakerr said... Best Blogger Tips

What.. I seriously didn't know you guys were born in England. I knew your parents were.. but wow... your "cool" factor is ever increasing...:)

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

actually jen, just our dad was. mum's from erie. unless that's what you meant.

and rach - i love you!

mahlbrandt said... Best Blogger Tips

3. Yay for being in my wedding in 2003. :)
4. I highly recommend it. Even if only for a year.
5. I hope people can tell this about you without you having to spell it out. ;)