Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 days of 5 / Day 4

5 days of 5
i have 5 days before my 25th birthday. i thought i would dedicate each day on my blog to a list of 5 things. this will be a different list each day. each list is going to incorporate things that have shaped me or had an impact in my 25 years.

today i'm going to write about 5 things i want to do in my life - goals or dreams...

  1. travel around Europe.
    i want to see architecture, a different way of life, different styles & cultures...

  2. own a piece of Knoll furniture.
    i know this seems silly, but ever since i saw Knoll furniture i wanted to own a piece. Knoll is one of those companies that "founded" interior design. architects & designers that designed pieces for Knoll are well-known and admired in our industry.

  3. go back to school.
    this is something i would like to do, but i'm not sure if it's feasible. i would love to get my masters in business or interior architecture. i would also like to teach someday, work at a big company, or own my own business. yeah...who knows.

  4. renovate a home or design my own
    i have always dreamed of doing this. i'm always envisioning how to remodel houses to modernize them or make them flow better. i hope one day i can make my ideas materialize!

  5. have a family.
    my family is so important to me and i have so many amazing memories growing up. i'm not ready to start that phase of my life yet, but i'm excited for that time to come and to create memories for my own children.

House image from Hunter Homes, Inc.


Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

aww this is so awesome. i want you to have a big part in modernizing the house we end up buying.

Larry Shallenberger said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't give up on that school goal, Amy. Do some research and lean into it. You're one creative peep.

Paula Holmes said... Best Blogger Tips

I can help with advice on #1, 4, and 5! Go to Europe one day and don't just stand in front of the Eiffel Tower or the greatest memories are of being off the beaten path, in a Bavarian hamlet eating pretzels, going inside a real thatched cottage, amazed at the buildings in the town square of Obernai,France (ever heard of it? Neither had I)...looking up at a breathtaking "cake-decorated" plaster ceiling of an obscure stately home in England, taking in the Tuscan countryside with its myriad of tiny villages and farms...Re: home design - I would take you through our house and show you what we would have done differently, both practically and aesthetically - fortunately there isn't much I would change...learn from other people's building mistakes....and having a family...well, that's one in the Big God Category! Like marriage, when it is right, you will be able to "look God in the eye" and just know it, and you will be able to trust Him every inch of the way to see it through. "If God brings you to it, He will take you through it!" Never mind your friends getting married/having babies before you do (I did mind, and I shouldn't have) will happen at the perfect time and it will be the biggest blessing of your earthly life. Nothing compares (I am including cats in the family category, of course).

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

aww mase!! such a great blog series!! our next skank trip will be to another country!