Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St Patty's Day - Celebrating with Food

Roomie and i celebrated St. Patty's Day by making potato soup [is that even irish??] and green & white chocolate chip cookies. i then proceeded to get a pain in my side and fall asleep at 730.

anyway, the soup turned out really good. we meant to follow a recipe...but...then changed our minds and did our own thing.

we started with sauteing onion in butter. after they browned a bit, we added chopped celery. after this cooked a bit, we added flour to make the roue. then we added milk. i'm not sure how much.

we cut 5 potatoes [1 large, 4 smaller] into chunks and boiled. when they were almost done, we threw the carrots in with them.

here's the soup after adding the milk. after it got to a boil and the potatoes were mostly tender, we strained the potatoes and carrots and added them to the pot. we put the top on and let cook for probably ten minutes, with occasional stirring. we also added parsley, salt & pepper at this time.

the cookies!

the sauce definitely thickened up, and it tasted awesome. we topped with shredded cheddar.

Kristen also made a Reuben. i did not eat this.

anyway, that's it for the soup. i'm excited to have leftovers for lunch!!

also, i have to get my license renewed...i was planning on doing this today, but of course i don't want to now. i have until March 28th and no Saturdays besides March 28th to get this done. the DMV in Erie is 30 minutes from my work [2 minutes from my parents house]. i'm going to have to take an extra long lunch at some point or just go the 28th...