Thursday, July 3, 2008

totes, probs, ushe

now that all my favorite SKANK's are graduated, we all migrated from our email addresses and moved on to gmail accounts. what's awesome about this is the gmail chat application that runs right in your browser! which allows those of us w/ 730ish-530ish [or whenever kt or kc leave the office] jobs to be able to keep in contact a lot easier...and all day.

it started with a little chatting during the day. it turned into an exercise in abbreviation, trying not to laugh so hard as to attract too much attention from our other coworkers and a way to create our own language [or discover words on our own that have already been created].

below are the definitions to a few of our favorite abbrev'd words. thanks to Urban Dictionary, i don't have to do all the explaining.

  1. totes - abbreviation for "totally" [i apologize for any bad language in Urban Dictionary's definitions] [best when said w/ other abbrev'd words, ex: "totes inapprops"]
  2. probs - shorter version of "probably"
  3. ushe - slang for "usual" [we use this to describe what we (kc, kt & i) usually do on Saturday nights - wait for kt & mikey j to drive up from pittsburgh, hang out at dustin's, watch iNSPiRAL practice and play games or hang out till the wee hours of the morning]
  4. ACLS - this doesn't have a definition yet, as i'm going to have to create it, because we TOTES made this completely up. Means Accidental Caps Lock Syndrome. this happens when you are typing in one program and your caps lock is on, and you switch over to a chat program and type all caps and your friends think you're either super excited about something or mad at them.
i know some people are not a fan of the totes/probs/ushe [most of the guys in my life like to say it just to tease us girls...which is even funnier - exept mikey j, he supports it.]...but it's fun for us girls and we loveeee it.

this post inspired by Robin's comment on my 101 things about me post.


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

we totes love it!!

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips


you forgot your "FOWK"....i loves it!

FOWK: short for Fingers On Wrong Keys....for when you send an im or whatevvs without looking at it and then realize it doesnt make sense b/c your fingers were off...hee hee

and maybe explain S*K*A*N*Ks....just in case someone doesn't knowwwww...oh I will now...

S*K*A*N*Ks: Staci, Kristen, Amy, Nicole, Katie....totes birfday order...

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

I totes just left a message on KT's blog and used the word "cups" - short of couple. I think it's the next big thing (Pass it on)!!

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips


freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

I can' head..ah.

I will never understand why totes and ushe are so common.

God I feel old and I'm only 23.