Saturday, July 12, 2008

day 1!

well yes, if you didn't know already, my impulsive self & i DID buy the new iPhone yesterday. my thoughts were to give the store a call towards the end of the day and talk to my customer service helper guy [jon] and see if they had any left. well, he called me at about 1100 telling me they have about seven left, and only the 16GB white ones. so i figured this was a sign - as that is the one i wanted anyway, so i took my lunch at 1130 and drove over to the peach street store to get my new phone!

i was pretty excited on my way over, and jon was saying he was pretty excited to give it to me. he was extremely helpful and i spent about an hour there switching over my plan, getting some accessories, going over crap and trying to activate the phone. he said they had been having problems all day activating through iTunes and that i may have to activate it at home. in the end it didn't activate at the store, so i took it with me and planned on activating it after my next stop.

the new Erie Bank location has had it's open house the last few days. i went in and got some pictures of the furniture...and the amazing [wedding] cake they had on their second floor. mmm soo good. after the bank i ran back to rach & bri's to activate and play with the phone a little before running to my next meeting. below are some pics, more can be found here.

well i spent 30-some minutes at home with no luck. first, my iTunes needed updated. then the computer needed restarting. then it just didn't work. i decided to try r & b's upstairs computer - which also wasn't updated, then needed restarting, then needed a password - which brian called and gave to me 4 minutes after i left the house.

so, needless to say, i was getting pretty irritated and frustrated. i didnt understand how it STILL wasn't working...3+ hours after i had picked up the phone.

after my last meeting i went back to work and was hopeful it would work there. this post is really long so far. it didn't work again. i talked w/ josh and he was having issues uploading the new software. all of the sudden, i received a text saying that my phone was now usable - that the "portal" had switched over...i was confused, cause i didn't know when the activation started...but it worked!!

josh came over for dinner [ 845...ish] and we compared phones and applications we had downloaded. mine is a little thinner than his [and i have the white back]. we both downloaded this funny application that makes light saber noises come from the phone. it was pretty funny.

for dinner i made chicken, potatoes & broccoli w/ homemade cheese sauce. i had two pieces of chicken and i pounded them out...somehow stretching them to four fairly large pieces [it was crazy - like they multiplied on my cutting board]. the chicken was dipped in butter, then flour, then egg, then seasoned preztel-crackers [italian seasoning, parm cheese and smashed pretzel crackers]. baked them at 400 or something [oops don't remember] for about 20-25 minutes. i put them in first for 20 min, pulled them out, cut into the middle of the thickest and screamed - it was almost perfect. i was so freaking excited that it was almost 100% cooked in the middle and super juicy. i did some potatoes suggested by Robin, which were pretty darn good. i had some issues with the "smashing" [i had no potato masher so i used a cup...and i think that they should have been cooked more]. i made some homemade cheese sauce with velveeta...mmm very good.

i was very proud of myself. other than the potatoes, i "created" the meal and cooked it per my own directions [with a little help from my culinary-teaching mother...]...and it wasn't a disaster!!!

rach has been wanting some flower updates while she's been away...i'm not quite sure what flowers exactly...but these are from her "backyard"

phew. this was a long post. thanks for pulling through if you did ;)


rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

They are hollyhocks. thanks for the pic! they are just going crazy.

more cooking is happening in that house then normal.

i didn't know josh got an iphone too!!

singsgood said... Best Blogger Tips

Soooo proud of the cooking, Amy! It looks gorgeous!

Josh is very very lucky.

Now - as you get even more adventurous, some magic words for you: "truffle oil," "walnut/hazelnut/almond oil," "Caramelized (as in caramelized anything)" "flake salt," and "white balsamic." Later we can get into the "semi-freddo" and "mirepoix" jargon.

The aforementioned ingredients are guaranteed to add instant euro-credibility to your tastes at very little cost and effort. Have a great time.

Auntie Paula

Robin Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

I want light saber noises!

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

hah josh has had one since jannnnnnnuary

Angela said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm glad you got your iPhone working. It must have been really annoying for all the customers to get brand new, nonworking phones for a couple hours.