Tuesday, July 1, 2008

101 things about me...

[inspired by Jessica]

  1. i love my lappy
  2. i think i'd love an apple lappy better
  3. my favorite color combination is black & white with an awesome red accent
  4. i also wouldn't mind that with an awesome teal/dark blue accent
  5. my room is full of clothes
  6. most of these clothes are clean...
  7. i hate to clean [and put away clothes]
  8. i hate to garden
  9. i love to cook
  10. i love to bake cupcakes!
  11. i am a chocoholic
  12. i don't care for alcohol
  13. i've never smoked a cigarette
  14. i never plan to smoke a cigarette
  15. i hate cigarettes
  16. i like big mirrors for decoration
  17. i like crest vanilla something blast toothpaste
  18. i use an electric toothbrush
  19. my bathroom used to be a closet
  20. i'm dying to move out
  21. i don't have any furniture to move out with
  22. i use a "microwave stand" to hold lappy next to my bed
  23. i love family guy
  24. i love futurama
  25. i love the simpsons
  26. i love maggie, specifically, from the simpsons
  27. i love watching these and laughing about them with josh
  28. i love my family
  29. i love my skank's
  30. i love oh my josh
  31. i love iNSPiRAL
  32. music is a major part of my life
  33. i can't go 10 minutes without singing
  34. i sing better with a wireless mic in my hand
  35. my dad is one of my best friends
  36. my longest best friend is alicia, she lives in FL and we've known each other since we were 2
  37. my gramma has cancer
  38. i love my grandparents
  39. i was born in england
  40. england was the best vacation ever
  41. my sister and her husband are some of my favorite people ever
  42. i love metropolitan home
  43. i love kitties
  44. i enjoy kitty sitting
  45. the office is the only TV show i will watch diligently
  46. except maybe "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" [since i watched it tonight and thought it was good...but odd...]
  47. Gill Sans MT is my new favorite font
  48. i sell Knoll furniture
  49. i adore Knoll furniture
  50. i am a designer, not a decorator!
  51. i like HGTV and those shows about selling/buying new houses
  52. i want to live in a big city someday
  53. maybe i want to be famous someday
  54. i used to want to be rock-star famous
  55. Metropolitan Home is one of my favorite magazines
  56. i was totally bummed when Blueprint stopped
  57. i love photography!
  58. i can't believe how probably less than 5 years ago film was preferred to digital
  59. i love going to weddings
  60. i like to get dressed up
  61. i love surprises!!!
  62. i love getting together with my friends
  63. i really enjoyed watching Sex & the City movie w/ my SKANK's
  64. i'm TOTES excited for kt & mike to get married!!!!!!!!!!
  65. i'm all about the abbreviations
  66. totes
  67. probs
  68. ushe
  69. [inapprop's]
  70. i'm starting to look forward to kickboxing
  71. i love how josh's sense of humor matches mine so perfectly
  72. i specialize in office furniture planning & design
  73. i like to blog
  74. my posts usually are senseless
  75. i adore taking pics of my cuppies
  76. i adore saying "cuppies"
  77. i am a facebook stalker
  78. i try not to be
  79. i love my job
  80. my bed is the most comfortable place in the world
  81. i like to shop
  82. i love to shop
  83. i have way too many clothes
  84. and purses
  85. and shoes
  86. i buy most of my clothes at NY & Company, Old Navy & American Eagle
  87. i buy most of my shoes at random places, or Payless & Shoe Department
  88. i like going to movies
  89. i think i could have an overactive bladder
  90. i'm betting one day i'll get Minérè's Disease
  91. i've gotten really bad dizzy spells twice in two months
  92. i can't believe it's already July!
  93. i can't believe i'm at 93 already!
  94. i hope some of my blogging buddies do this [kt, kc, stace....]
  95. my one recent piercing [cartilidge] is giving me problems
  96. i want to get another tattoo
  97. i want this other tattoo to be on my arm
  98. "want" doesn't mean "likely to happen"
  99. i'm struggling to find meaningful "things" for these last few
  100. i like silver jewelry
  101. i love Jesus.


the girl with the golden phone. said... Best Blogger Tips

i like gill sans MT too.

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

The 5 Things I didn't know about j*amy:

-i love the simpsons
Seriously, how come I didn't know that. Weird, I don't think I have ever watched one episode.

-except maybe "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" [since i watched it tonight and thought it was good...but odd...]
I watched the Secret Life of Teenager last night - I thought it was a movie and thought it would have been better if it was one.

-i was totally bummed when Blueprint stopped
I don't know what that is.

-i try not to be (in regards to being a facebook stalker)
I don't think that is entirely true.

-my bed is the most comfortable place in the world
Why didn't I know this? And when can I find it out for myself?

Robin Sue said... Best Blogger Tips

I'll pray for #37. you must explain #66,67,68- i'm old and slow. Rock on to #101!!!

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

i did not know about simpsons either! its so funny.

everything else... yeah.