Wednesday, July 2, 2008

lemon bars & kitties

yesterday my [youth group] small group went to Kayla's house [one of our girls]. we ate yummy lemon bars thanks to Katie J and some brownies [thanks to Megan] and much much more...

and miss mew [gramma's stray cat] is having her kittens today! i got to see her over lunch, and she had 6! #7 is on the way!!! [and they think she could have 1 or 2 more after that!!]

you can see more [blurry] kitty pictures here. i'll try to put more up soon!


freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

Awww! Yay for tiny newborn kitties :)

Martina said... Best Blogger Tips

I love how the mama cat looks so proud and satisfied. Or tired maybe.

Martina said... Best Blogger Tips

Ok, not related to your blog but I just found out Nashville has a cupcake shop! I'm going to try to find it this weekend.