Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"go up 5 beaches"

yesterday we had our youth group's end-of-the-year summer bash at Erie's beautiful Presque Isle. we had yummy food [mum's awesome fruit pizza!] and an absolutely gorgeous day. it was truly a blessing with the morning being dark and stormy for it to turn out as amazing as it did!

yesterday's event marked my last youth group event as a youth leader - at least for a while. no one knows what the future holds, but after continuously being involved as a youth leader/mentor/creative team member etc since...oh, 8th's time for a break for me. volleyball [coaching] is coming up in a few weeks and i've been more involved in the music/tech ministries, so i figured a break and reevaluation was in order. i'm definitely going to miss it, but it's going to be nice to have a little more time to myself and all the other things [and people] going on in my life.

and happy wednesday!! josh and i might catch a movie later. and tomorrow i have a dentist appointment. they are going to yell at me for not doing anything about my wisdom teeth yet [i have two only - on top - and they told me last year to look on getting them taken out...yeah, i haven't].

[title quote from student Joel, in reference to a friend who had gone to beach 6 instead of beach 11. it was the time]


Martina said... Best Blogger Tips

This has nothing to do with your post:

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

yay! more time for me!! and the k.n.k's! what movie?!?! batman was gooood!! but scary. and sad. i want to go to the beach soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad :-(

Jamie Lovely said... Best Blogger Tips

Those look soooooo yummy.