Friday, July 11, 2008

today's the day!!!

well folks - today is the day! the launch of the new iPhone!! the past few weeks i've been discussing the phone's features with others and reading up on the "reviews"...and i've been leaning towards waiting until September to get the iPhone [when my Verizon contract is up]....however after talking about it w/ my skank's yesterday, i'm reaching the point of really really REALLY not wanting to wait anymore. i hope to pick it up sometime today or tomorrow [i wonder if Erie will "sell out" on the first day...]

yesterday i stopped by Betty's Cookie Korrell in the Village West Plaza in Millcreek [it's about a 2 1/2 minute walk from my office...but i stopped by as in drove...]. they have some awesome cakes and cookies there. i bought a bunch and brought them back for my sweet-tooth-ed "coworkers".

also, the awesome boys of iNSPiRAL played at Sherlock's last night. it was an odd show for kt and i [people showing up we didn't expect...just...odd things, not the ushe...] but it was good. good turn out and they rocked it hard as always!!! kt made some pretty awesome new "business cards" for the boyz. i want to post them, but she could do that i'm sure...or maybe i'll get a pic later.

anyway...having a rockin weekend!


*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

The boys look good, the food looks good, and the phone looks good. (I can't wait for you to have it to, because we can Google questions we have at anytime - woot!)

Kt said... Best Blogger Tips

oooh those were some good pics of the boys...they move around so much it's hard to get t a good shot that isn't blurrrry hee hee

i took one pic of the cards...but i dunno...they aren't THAT exciting...the boys just totes loved them b/c their faces were on ittttttt hee hee...

Jeremy said... Best Blogger Tips

As an owner and big fan of Iphone 1.0 I would ask a lot of questions before purchasing the Iphone 3G in Erie. While I was tempted by the faster speeds and capabilities I knew my chances of getting permission to upgrade were slim (I'm married), but when I researched the fact the Erie doesn't even have 3G coverage yet I wonder if the new phone will act very much like the one I won. Not to talk you out of goping for it, but please research throughly assumuing you live in the greater Erie area, and may not enjoy all the "new" features of the Iphone 3G