Tuesday, July 15, 2008

day 5!

this post is going to have a little about iPhones and a lot about worthless crap no one will care about.

  • yes, so it's Day 5 with the iPhone. no complaints so far - except some random "restarting" of the iPhone...oddly enough, that doesn't bother me at all. maybe i realize that i bought this THE DAY IT CAME OUT...and it's going to have issues. also, it takes about 15 seconds to restart, so, i just for some reason don't care. i believe the phone is interacting with my speakers at work, and i get some crazy fuzzy...staticy-robotic-like noises every once and a while. now that i've moved it more than 6" away from them, it's not doing it anymore, so, i don't know what that is all about. but, so far, it's fun, and i love it. :)
  • Friday is my co-worker Bethany's wedding. i'm very excited for her [also because tomorrow we are having a "send-off" party for her and a "b-day celebration" for a client and our rep from Knoll is coming to visit as well]. so i'm looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. her wedding colors are brown and green/white polka dots...and i'm going to make some cupcakes in that theme i think. don't know how i'm going to have time to do them, but i will!! bethany will be gone for two weeks. i'm not sure what i'm going to do without her here. i'm going to have 10x more work, no one to answer phones for me and no one to chat with for the first 15-45 minutes of every morning.
  • my dad wants to see the new batman movie this weekend. i might join.
  • today is my blogging friend Jenn's birthday! Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!
  • we had a death in the [extended] family last week. Sunday i was able to see my two beautiful cousins and my aunt that i don't get to see much. i miss them so bad. i need to start making it a priority to get down to pittsburgh and see them every few months. we also visited with the kitties...sooo cute...
  • apartment hunting has slowed down. kristen has some listings we need to check out, but as she is in full force planning Behrend's reunion [only two weeks away!!!], and now i'm getting busier now that we know bethany's on her way to 2 weeks of vacation...
  • kristen and i went to the greek fest this weekend. freakin awesome. it also poured. but it was sooooo yummerz.

that's pretty much what's going on with me. yep yep yep.


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

i want cuppies!!!!!!!!!!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

i want cuppies!!!

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

ha ha . . . you changed it so it has to get approved. .. i just thought it wasn't working . . . :-)

freeandflawed said... Best Blogger Tips

Hope you're enjoying the iPhone! If you ever feel like writing a review for my geeky blog, I wouldn't turn it away :P Thanks muchly for the birthday wishes and link love :)

Oh my Josh! said... Best Blogger Tips

it's not the iPhone so much as at&t that makes the interference that you're hearing

j*amy said... Best Blogger Tips

oo! interesting! i had no idea!