Wednesday, July 9, 2008

something like a picture update

i've been staying at sissy & brian's since last friday. it's been fun...i tell you - that 12 minute drive to work is wonderful! however, sleeping has been SO comfortable...i've been getting up later...and later...

tycho was trying to get a moth yesterday. i didn't get a great picture of it - but at one point he was literally HANGING onto the wall. it was so crazy.

and he's pretty much as bad as is the ushe. if you don't give him enough attention, he climbs on top of things and knocks things over [remotes, cell phones, glasses, candles, earrings, rings, napkins...]. he also kept trying to help me cook yesterday, mostly w/ the raw chicken.

mum and dad came over for dinner last night. i made this easy Betty Crocker Cheesy Chicken Casserole - with chicken, frozen veggies, cheddar cheese sauce & Bisquick/Parmesan biscuits on top.

Tuesday went something like this...
i went to see the kitties again...

then mum and i went to our friend Diane's to see her and her new baby girl, McKenzie!

the josh came over and we watched the new Futurama movie!


John said... Best Blogger Tips

You know what your blog needs? More Duckworth.

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

1) love kitties!! thanks for more pics! :-)

2) love babies! they are so cute! can't wait until my niece is born!

3) is that a random rose or did josh bring that when he came over?!

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

finally the post i've been waiting for :):)

i miss my kitties.