Wednesday, September 7, 2011

mid-week update

Some things I've been thinking about this week:
  • Tonight I babysat my sweet niece Chloe and got to spend some time chatting with my brother-in-law, Brian. It was nice catching up with him and it's so awesome to be able to get along with my sister and her hubby so well and to call them friends - not just family.
  • I'm still definitely interested in doing some sort of Bloggers-Bible something. I'm really hoping to focus this for women - specifically young/young-married and currently without children. I'm not trying to squeeze people out, but I'd like to do internet-Bible-study-type thing with like-minded females who are in the same situations as I am. I have three ladies interested so far, so if you are also interested let me know! I've been tossing ideas around in my head on how we can do this. My thoughts are to have passages to read weekly and to encourage one post a week - about the passages, what you learned, what you question, etc. Anyway - more on this when I get my head wrapped around it.
  • My husband is great. He works hard to provide for us and keeps us in check. He doesn't have the benefit of two days a week off, so spending three days with him this past weekend was just so wonderful. 
  • I've been really feeling like I need to get my eating and health under control recently. I have a hate-hate relationship with exercise and a love-love-love relationship with food, so it's quite a struggle. I wish I could get motivated about exercise and eating healthy, but what excites me is napping and chocolate.
  • This weekend I have a baby shower for a friend of mine that I worked closely with for 2 1/2 years. I also have plans this weekend to see a friend of mine (and her new baby) that I was close with years, but probably haven't seen in almost 2 years!
So. That's what's been going on in my head this week. What's been going on with you?


Alisun said... Best Blogger Tips

I think the bloggers-Bible idea is a great one! Count me in for the single girls perspective!

AmYaroundthecorner said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the idea of the blogger-Bible study, too! I'd love to be part of the group! (I've been hoping to find a group for this demographic for a while, as I am in-between the "youth" and the "married with children's" at church :)

And I hear you about exercise... My one saving grace is the group of ladies I run with on week day mornings (they hold me accountable) ... I have come to accept that, as much as I'd like to change it, nothing will *EVER* excite me as much as napping & chocolate ;)

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

i feel like i'm not religiously smart enough to do the bible reading stuff. i read and nothing makes sense to me. :(

tell bethany (i'm assuming the shower is for her) i said hi and congrats! :)

Danny Lucas said... Best Blogger Tips


I am behind on my reading and almost missed this verbal hammer to my toe.
Glad I caught the notice.

*Stace*, just do it. God will give you the discernment at the right time.

Philip was with Christ the whole time of ministry, and he just "didn't get it".
He asked Christ: "Show us the Father!".
And an exasperated Christ told Philip :
"If you have seen Me, you have seen the Father"
( around the Last Supper in the Book of John).

His love for *Stace* is as strong as His love for Philip.
Go with the flow and it will all come to you in the flash of an instant!

When you moved close to your spouse while engaged, sparks flew.
Move close to God and watch the sparks fly, like never before.

Best of luck to all in knowing Him!