Monday, September 19, 2011

weekend update: September 16-18, 2011

Um, how is it half-way through September already!? My gosh, time is just flying by.

I'm sad summer is pretty much over, but I love fall! Except I'd love it even more if I could spend all the money I wanted on boots, scarves, jeans and jackets.
After my crazy-busy work week, I finished up things on Friday and was out of there by noon. I had a few errands to run like going to the bank, getting tomatoes from the grocery store and stopping at the post office to mail a package for a certain special nail polish winner. I had a nice, relaxing lunch at home then took a well-deserved nap.

About 30 minutes into the nap I was awakened by my cell phone from an out of town caller, assuming (correctly) that it was from one of our vendors calling to ask me about that bid we won and had been working on this past week. Unfortunately the call was not a good one - saying the vendor product cost was way too high and there was some mistake. This set me into a crazy frenzy - shoes back on, keys, purse and out the door, leaving the room a mess from my blankets and lunch.

I got back into work after the longest 5-minute drive (yes, that's how long it takes me to get to work, I'm so spoiled) of my heart pounding, tears forming, talking to myself saying "There is no way. This could not be. Please God may this be a mistake on their part." I got into the office, explained quickly to Dory through panicked words what was going on. I immediately looked at my order to the vendor - it was way less than the amount they were saying it was. There was no way I could have gotten this wrong.

After several phone calls back and forth to my CSR and asking if they were sure they got all the discounting right, I relaxed a little and finished up a few other things. Then - the power went out. Awesome. No email access for me (like - for good - our server is at our office, so, nothing is coming in or out). I go to tell my boss and it turns out they had just witnessed a transformer blowing. AWESOME. So, I call my CSR, tell her to call my cell, and within 10 min she is calling back saying they didn't discount one line item and everything is now fine.

Holy. Not the way to start a relaxing weekend.

After this fiasco, I stopped off at the library to drop off and pick up more books, then visited my parents for a few hours. Josh and I enjoyed homemade chicken noodle soup and biscuits for dinner and by 10 PM I was falling asleep on the couch.

Saturday was a relaxing morning, Josh off to work and me hanging out and catching up on some blogs. The rest of the day was spent photographing a wedding with my sister - check her blog for pics!

Sunday I sang at church, Josh and I had lunch, I took a nap and we celebrated his Gram's 86th birthday at his aunt's house with all his family!

I'm looking forward to another busy week at work, but with a lot less stress! We have lots more bids to work on this week and an open house with one of our vendors in Pittsburgh on Thursday! Can't wait! Hope you all had great weekends!


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow...potential disaster averted! Glad you ended up having a great weekend even through it started out a little crazy.

Off to look at your wedding pics!

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

Geez. Crazy Friday! Glad everything worked out. I honked at your parents' when I drove by on Friday and saw your car.

My Beautiful Life said... Best Blogger Tips

What a whirlwind-glad you were able to unwind.

P.S. Love that pic at the bottom-that is so wonderful you were able to celebrate her 86th bday. I wish my Mimi was still around.

AmYaroundthecorner said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh my goodness! How stressful :-/ I'm so glad everything worked out for you & you were able to enjoy your weekend after that. ...It sounds like chicken noodle soup was a perfect (& needed!) comfort food to end your Friday right :)

I love the birthday party picture. It warms my heart <3 So wonderful to be able to celebrate milestones like that with family.