Tuesday, September 6, 2011

weekend update: September 2-5, 2011

Yeah, I'm lumping Monday in as part of the weekend for this post because we had a nice relaxing day off, so I think it counts!

Friday was girls night - Katie was up from Pittsburgh, so Stace, Kristen and I all met up to hang out. Since I was going to the east side, I stopped and visited my parents, then walked over to Katie's parents (they are neighbors) for dinner and some chill out time. We went back to Kristen's to get ready then hit downtown!

Katie, Kristen and Staci lookin cute!

We slept over at Kristen's and I shared the air mattress with sweet Daisy.

Saturday Josh and I bummed around most of the day and had band practice for Sunday.

Sunday was filled with lots of fun with Josh's family. His dad, aunt and gram surprised us by coming to our church. Later that day we were invited over to his great aunt's house for a family picnic. We had margaritas and lots of yummy food thanks to Josh's mom!

Josh, his dad and his younger sister Alyssa

His great aunt lives right by Lake Erie, so some of us took a walk down the path to check it out!

It was a hot, humid, rainy and gloomy day in Erie on Sunday...

Alyssa and her fiancé Dolan!

Josh's dad practices his balance.

Josh's brother Dan with Alyssa

My in-laws!

My handsome hubby!!
I love him :)

Practicing with Rach's camera.

Goofy :)

After all that fun, we went back over to his aunt's house later that evening to hang out some more!

Monday was another day of relaxation for the most part. Sleeping in, pancakes, then I did some cleaning, laundry and started rearranging a few things at our townhouse. I took away one of the smaller bookcases in the living room and replaced it with a bigger one that was previously in my closet. After that I pulled out, tossed out and reorganized my closet! Pictures to come from that when it's all done.



So - it doesn't look that much different - and I didn't clean anything up before taking the after picture. Also, you can see Josh's head in the bottom right corner haha. I would like to replace the lamp shade over in the corner still, but for now - I'm happy! I like having my cookbooks more organized and I have a nice pull out canvas box to hold all my (Rachel's) camera equipment.

Oh - and Monday also included homemade pizza (dough and sauce) and breadsticks for dinner!

It was a great weekend. Relaxing, got some stuff done, spent some quality time with my SKAK's (the N was still out of town - boo) and my hubby and his family. Hope you all had a relaxing and fun weekend too!! Anyone else attend any last-summer picnics?


AmYaroundthecorner said... Best Blogger Tips

Looks like it was a wonderful weekend :) 3 day weekends are the best!

Your pictures of Lake Erie are gorgeous, even if the weather was less than wonderful (it was hot and gray here, too.... with a couple torrential downpours thrown in ;)

We *tried* to have a family picnic on Sunday evening to celebrate Labor Day... but were rained indoors (see "torrential downpours" above...) I'm hoping we will have some perfect fall weather to grill in soon-- before it gets too cold!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said... Best Blogger Tips

Yay for girls nights!! Those are so so so needed once your married. Looks like you had a great weekend....any weekend with pizza is a good weekend in my book. :)

*kc said... Best Blogger Tips

My baby Daisy - so cute! Looks like a fun weekend!

Kristie said... Best Blogger Tips

I was just gonna ask if that was Dolan's gf but then saw his pic and that they're engaged. I had no idea that was josh's sister. Cute.

*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

wow! i feel like such a blog slacker. awesome pics!! esp love the one of joshie at lake. fun girls night! although i don't know if i even remember being there when that picture was taken. . .