Tuesday, September 27, 2011

current obsessions: September

  • Macintosh apples! That's right baby - I love when my faves go back in season!
  • Even cooler temps than August! I've even brought my slippers out on a few occasions!
  • Family time - we've seen Josh's family two weekends in a row! I've enjoyed spending time with them. I've also been visiting my parents on the weekends, and it's been fun catching up.
  • New shows back on! FRINGE was back this past Friday and this past weekend our favorite cartoons were back up (American Dad, Family Guy, The Simpsons).
  • Leaves changing - I love this time of year! Hopefully I'll be able to get out with Josh to take a walk with all the leaves changing!
  • WINNING! I've been winning a lot of things this month...nail polish from Joy the Baker (okay, so that was in August but I'm still waiting on the package so it gets thrown into this month too), dress from Shabby Apple via Michelle's giveaway (hoping to get it this week!) and a new office chair from our rep group KMA & Associates in Pittsburgh!

(Dress JUST came in! YAY!)

Side Note: I can't believe September is almost over!!! It feels like just yesterday I was posting about how I couldn't believe it was September 1 and now we're in the last week of it!! Craziness. Holidays will be here before you know it!!!!