Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wedding progress: 142 days to go

(no i don't know that by heart. yes i check the status of the counter i have on facebook. yes i have a counter on facebook.)

not much to say on progress here, but i did make an appointment for my first dress fitting, it is in three weeks. i was watching say yes to the dress the other day, and i had a major major desire to put my dress on again, so that really pushed me to making the appointment! i'm still not 100% sure on what shoes i'll be wearing, so i really need to get searching online and at more stores (hello DSW, i will be back this weekend, i'm sure). i just wish the shoes i bought weren't so dang HIGH. other than that, color, style - everything - is perfect. plus i got them online with a DSW sale & coupon so i paid like, $26.00 for them, including shipping.

have i shared with you the shoe yet? well here it is...

ta da! 3 1/2" heel...
(ha, i almost wrote "hell." how appropriate...)

i'm thinking i might end up wearing this for the ceremony and finding some cheap ballet flats or jewely sandal flats for the reception. it also depends on what shoes the guys (Josh) wear(s). i guess i'll have to figure that out with him way sooner than i thought. sorry, Josh :(

seriously though, AREN'T THOSE SHOES AWESOME?

in other news, i've made myself a to-do list of more immediate things that need to be done. hopefully by the end of April, mum and i will meet with our florist friends. we might have to do a weeknight, though, since we are both very busy with other things on Saturdays.

oh ALSO, i got called 1 1/2 months ago about our honeymoon return flights being changed, and they said they would email me an updated itinerary, and they STILL HAVEN'T! i do not want to call them again, as last time i was on and off hold for over an hour while the guy waited for someone else to tell him the flights were changed (um, hello, just CALL ME BACK WHEN THEY HAVE THE INFO). ugh. oh well, there's another thing-i-don't-want-to-deal-with on my to-do list :(

other than that my to-do list of things that need to be done ASAP or pretty darn soon are:
  • registries (doing this weekend WOOT!)
  • song list & initial meeting with DJ
  • tuxes & shoes for guys
  • shoes for gals
  • call expedia (dumb!)****
  • contact the Etsy vendor i'm using for bridesmaid's gifts
  • call florist, set up appointment
  • contact reception vendor:
    *need to visit site and try out the decorations i am thinking of using and get a better idea on what they have
    *need to know info on seats per table, table dimensions, dimensions of room if possible, dance floor dimensions, max amount of tables on first floor (there is a balcony we are trying NOT to use) can you tell i do space planning for a living?
    *talk about dessert table ideas (and having someone man the station so people don't eat stuff before they are supposed to!!)

phew. and that is only a few things!

****UPDATE! UPDATE! i just checked online and it looks like they DID change our flights, and they aren't QUITE as bad as i thought (they said it was going to be departure at 8am, get back into Erie after 9pm, looks like it is departure at 8am, get back into Erie around 5pm. MUCH BETTER)!!


*Stace* said... Best Blogger Tips

shoes are totes awes! esp for only $26!
yay!! getting excited! :-)
what vendor did you use on etsy!? ;-)

Susan said... Best Blogger Tips

I think it is a good idea to have a back-up, more comfortable pair... you don't want to be dancing in those all night! Your feet would be killing you for the following days! You don't want sore feet on your trip.

I'd go with some cheapo sparkly flip flops or something (and you can take off your pantyhose too! If you're planning on wearing them.) Then you'll be cooler, more comfy, etc!

How exciting!

Roger & I have been married for SEVEN years. Uhm, can you believe that??

rachel said... Best Blogger Tips

these shoes are so gorgeous - only problem is if you get flats for the reception your dress might drag too much... maybe some comfy flips that have a little bit of a heal but are still better. or just try out these shoes and see how you do!

def get a pic with just your toesies under the dress!