Wednesday, March 3, 2010

lots of planning...not getting done

as my sister is bombarded with questions relating to when is she going to pop that baby out, i'm getting my own, less-annoying questions that i can't really answer. "how's wedding planning going?" actually, it's going no where. with my grandfather's passing away last week, everyone on edge for Rach & Bri's little babe and practicing and playing at two concerts that our church was asked to play in has resulting in not having much time to think about or do any wedding planning. (NOTE: i am not complaining. these are just facts!)

mum and i were going to meet with a florist, but that got pushed back. Rach and i are working on invitations and she did send me some ideas, but we'll have to put that on hold too! actually, we're going to have to finalize those sooner than later - she starts working again in May! eeek! i've been saving money and racking up ideas in my brain (and writing some down), but my main issue right now is i'm having a hard time finalizing the color scheme. i want paint samples to work off of, and don't want to order Pantone samples (to match the dresses) cause they are usually $10 or $15 (i can get benjamin moore 8x10 sheets - as many as i want - for free!). once these colors get firmed up i can start making a lot of other decisions!

things at work are slowing down at the moment (mostly projects are in a waiting stage on the customers' end), so i'm hoping to be out early this week and have more time to get wedding stuff done!

i've been looking into where we're going to register for gifts and started compiling some ideas (josh told me i can pick what i want and he'll revise as necessary). i started compiling a month meal plan "diet" that i'm going to start next week (gotta start now before the fittings come...). unfortunately, i've come to the conclusion that the shoes i bought for the wedding, though amazing in color and style, are not as amazing in height (too high) and comfort (eh...). so, there's a step BACKward...i have done some browsing for tuxes and have finally reorganized my checklist i'm using through one wed, so hopefully i can get things organized and accomplished soon!

i hope all my friends/readers out there who are also planning their wedding are having more luck than me!!


Brian said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, I am definitely having more luck than you in planning my wedding, that I know for sure!

You may call me Kitten said... Best Blogger Tips

I still have to get you chocolate and vanilla cupcakes too - I may have to make those special soon!

Danielle said... Best Blogger Tips

If you really love the shoes we can do some fun lifty dress pics with them before the wedding in the garden! Don't count them out! ;-)