Tuesday, March 16, 2010

colors & tuxes

hey readers out there who like to follow along with my wedding planning...

i thought i would give an update since i ACTUALLY GOT SOME THINGS ACCOMPLISHED THIS WEEKEND. this is big, big news.

Saturday my friend Bethany accompanied me to the mall where we shopped for shoes and some other wedding-y things. i did purchase a pair of shoes and they are perfect in color and style, but they are a wee bit too high and probably not too comfy, so i'm on the lookout for something else. i'm leaning towards funky flats (purple) or kitten heels. we were not successful in shoe finding (and i need to do this ASAP cause i kinda need to get fitted for that dress pretty soon...).

we WERE successful, however, in finding some awesome fake flowers for color inspiration. i'm tossing around the idea of using fake for the ceremony decorations, so these would be perfect. so, i'm pretty sure i've nailed down the colors (i really wanted something physical to say - "no, it should match this," instead of saying, "no, not quite so bright," "more orangey," "less red, more pink," and so on and so forth). i'll have to take a few pics and post them.

also, did you know there are only 157 more days till the wedding? EEEK!

another thing i did this weekend was register for the guys' tuxes. since we have over seven people i got a sweet deal at American Commodore, plus their shirts, vests and ties are included (many places those are extra, plus shoes!!). now we're working on what shoes the guys are gonna wear - make them rent for $20 or find something they can purchase and keep for $25-$30.

also i was able to get an appointment for THURSDAY with my hair stylist and friend Ellen who will be doing my hair for the wedding. we're going to try out doing low lights, plus i have split-ends out the wah-zu (how do you even spell that), i need it cut again.

so, things are progressing slowly...but they are progressing. hopefully i can get more things accomplished this week and firm up a date for my first fitting (shoes or no shoes!!). i'll post some pics of the flowers and maybe the shoes i love oh-so-much but are impractical, just to see the blogosphere's opinion!