Monday, March 1, 2010

crazy weekend

this weekend i spent a lot of time with my roomie (seeing "It's Complicated" - hilarious - and out with her and stace to the casino, then dinner with nikkie too in downtown erie). also, let me point out, that the Plymouth's fried giant soft pretzels with cheese and honey mustard are the most amazing things ever created. just wanted to throw that out there.

on Sunday, our church had the awesome opportunity to lead worship after the Erie Otters hockey game, for a "faith and family night." we went straight after church Sunday to loading up our cars, then down the Civic Center where we set up all our equipment on the back of a flat bed truck. after the game and a short word from the pastor of Erie First Assembly, the semi backed us out onto the ice where AJ, our "tech-sound guy" from church (he probably has a better more technical name, but whatever :) ) plugged us into the main system and mixed from the ice. it was a pretty awesome and totally fun experience. i'm sure i'll never get to sing at the Civic Center...on the back of a truck...on the ice...again! here's some pics from the evening...

pic by me, before we went on the ice.

pic by Aaron - on "stage" sound guy. we were probably waiting for AJ - off "stage" sound guy - to hook us up with power and into the system.

pic by AJ - off "stage" sound guy - while we were jamming.


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Happy Monday dear! Sounds like you had a very nice weekend!

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